Tenerife at Twilight: Landscape Photography workshop


We want to share some of the most spectacular locations on the coast of Tenerife with you so you can enjoy them in the best light for dramatic photography: twilight. Our professional photographer specialises in landscape photography and has run workshops all over Europe.

For amateur photographers wishing to acquire new knowledge and skills, you will receive detailed advice to help you to improve your technical ability and hone your artistic eye for images. 

The workshop will take place around sundown to midnight we will spend most of the time outdoors by the sea.

We will begin by explaining the equipment and techniques required to obtain the best possible images, and then we will put your new skills into practice. We will end up by reviewing some of the striking images obtained and explain the best techniques for you to subsequently process these images.

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The precise location for each session will be sent to you at least 24 hours before the event, as it will be weather, wind and light dependent. You will need to make your way to the meeting point independently, and the photographer will meet you at the meeting point set. He will send you a google maps location to follow

You will need an ILC (interchangeable lens camera, mirrorless or reflex), tripod and shutter release cable. Also a head torch and a warm coat. You can hire the tripod, shutter release cable and head torch from us if you wish.

You need to be familiar with your camera and in particular how to handle it in the dark.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SUITABLE CAMERA with you on holiday, you can still take part in the workshop and either hire a camera from us or use the photographer’s

The workshop will take around 4 hours.There is a strict limit of minimum 2 participants and maximum 8 for the workshop to go ahead. If the minimum is not achieved, we will let you know and refund your money at least 24 hours beforehand

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