Palmetum Tropical Park


The Palmetum of Santa Cruz is home to the biggest botanical collection of tropical island palms in the world.
The Palmetum has more than 2000 species of plants from tropical and subtropical zones around the world.
The botanical family of palms makes up the majority of our collection, with over 400 species distributed throughout the park by geographical origin. The tour will take you to the likes of the Caribbean, Madagascar, Africa and Australia.
The Palmetum has beautiful landscapes shaped by years of development and improvement. The hill has great views of both the sea and the city as well as several landscape features, like the three waterfalls and the rockeries created from huge volcanic rocks.
For a long time, the Palmetum has also been the best place in the city of Santa Cruz for bird watching.
Year after year, the hill has been colonized by a multitude of native bird species including moorhens, hoopoes, and blackbirds.
Explore the world of the tropics without leaving Tenerife!



The admission price does not include a guide.

If you would like one of our tour guides to take you on an informative tour lasting about 1 hour, rates are as follows:

  • Guide in Spanish English or German : € 3 per person
  • Guide in other languages: € 5 per person
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