Barranco del Infierno, Hell’s Gorge


Come and visit the legendary Devil’s Gorge with one of our specialist geologists or naturalists to interpret the landscape and vegetation for you. Suitable for small groups (10 people minimum) who wish to undertake this 3-hour walk with a real specialist who can bring all the glorious natural elements around you to life.

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The tour on this trail begins 350 m above sea level, in Adeje, a natural balcony with magnificent views to the landscapes in the south of the island. This hiking trip will take approximately three and a half hours and the whole tour will be of approximately 6500 meters. This trail has a low-medium difficulty rating so we recommend you bring appropriate shoes for slippery and stony ground.

We will start from the higher part of Calle de los Molinos, following the old pastoral trail. We´ll pass a series of viewpoints, some hives and an old mill and as we move forward we´ll walk along the riverbed of the ravine which will narrow towards the inside until its vertical walls will seem to close above the walker.

The ground rises from 100m to 1300m, that is why there´s a probability of rain and the temperature can change as we move higher. The same happens with vegetation. In the lower parts we´ll see formations of cardons and tabaibal while in the middle part there will be remains of thermofils forests where we can see thorn bushes, mastic trees, dragon trees, wild jasmine and also some palm trees. In the higher parts there will be pine groves whose main element is the canary pine that shares the area with some other trees like the lucerne or broom tree, always at over 600 meters above sea level.

The nature reserve also shelters a rich and varied fauna, both vertebrate and invertebrate, a richness that is due to the great variety of endemic species both terrestrial and aquatic. The vertebrate fauna consists of over 40 established species.Predators that can be seen overflying this place include the common hawk, the eagle, the raven and the sparrow hawk among the diurnal birds and among the nocturnal ones the small owl stands out, it takes advantage of the hollows in this place to build its nest. We can also encounter other types of birds such as the turtledove, the hoopoe, the single-coloured swift, the robin, the Moorish partridge and the canary among others.

We can see around 416 species of invertebrates, including arthropods, millipedes, arachnids and molluscs.

The trail ends when we reach an outstanding waterfall, higher than 200 meters.

Prebooking is essential because access to this park is limited to only 300 people per day. When weather conditions are bad, such as rain and/or wind, the ravine is considered dangerous due to the threat of landslides. So if you arrive and the ravine is closed to access, please bear in mind this is for your safety.

Remember that bathing in the riverbed is forbidden as it will negatively affect the flora and fauna. To contribute to the tranquillity and preservation of this place, making your visit more comfortable, please stay on the trail, don´t litter, avoid making unnecessary noises and don´t take or damage any element in your surroundings.

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Entrance time: from 08:00 to 14:30
Closing time: 18:00

Don´t forget to bring

  • Comfortable shoes, appropriate for stony grounds
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Charged mobile phone
  • Photo camera
  • Water and food/snacks

Suitable for groups of 10+ at a price of 30 euros per person, or for smaller groups who are willing to pay the full 300 euros.

If you require transfers from your hotel in the south of the island to Devil’s Gorge, this can be added to your tour.

This activity is offered by GeoTenerife Ltd, a UK company with a local Tenerife subsidiary with all the relevant insurance and liability cover to offer this type of trek.

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